250V Snake Bite 100 Amp Female Cam #2 Stage Cable

Libra Power® Snake Bite Stage Pin Adapter 100 Amp 250V (Female)

Libra Cable Technologies Inc.

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Libra Power® Snake Bite Stage Pin Adapter Features and Benefits:

  • Adapters build with UL listed Entertainment SC Cable
  • 100A build with (3) #2 AWG Black
  • High durability and flexibility 
  • Resistant to Oil, Solvents, Ozone, Aging and Abrasion
  • Cam lock 16 series
  • Group 5 stage pin connectors standard UL listed and ETL
  • Robust, reliable and 100% continuity tested
  • Standard lengths: 2′

Applications:  Used to power lights and distribution boxes commonly found on set and stages.
Markets: Movie and TV production, Theaters etc.

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